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Revamp LC results area



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      SUIT Sprint 2017-01, SUIT Sprint 2017-2
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      Science User Interface


      change the LC results area to implement the new UI flow.

      The development includes:

      revamp result area including finder panel, chart, table and image areas
      . finder panel includes entries which are mission related and non-related.
      . synchronize among table highlight, image selection, chart highlight and entries changes.
      . add 'Period finding' button in the finder panel to move to period area to find period and the phase folding table.
      . Reorder the phase folding table by moving phase related columns to the left side of the table.
      . add indication regarding table sort columns and sort order.
      update period area according to the feedback to the flow and the layout of DM-8668
      . show the time and flux field as read only data (as set in result area).
      . put period min and max entries to the end of the period slider.
      . highlight the period field.
      . change the layout of phase folding chart, periodogram tables and charts.
      . put 'revert to' button by 'period' field in the finder panel.
      . put 'change periodogram' button into the priodogram table/chart area.
      . update the validation functions for some fields in the finder panel,

      • default: period min = 0.001, and period max = 365.
      • period min >= 0.001, period max > period min, period >= period min and period <= period max
      • extend period max or period min in case period is set beyond the min and max range.
      • adjust period in case period min is set greater than period or period max is set less than period.
      • zero point time >= 0.0.
        . update the slider to work for any period range scale.
        . make the look of phase folding chart consistent with those of periodogram table and charts.
        . no slider and period related items changes until the periodogram popup is closed.
        update Periodogram popup
        . update field validation which allows period min, period max and step size fields to be blank


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