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validate_drp should do something reasonable when presented with unknown filtername


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      After the validate_base shift, validateDrp.py now requires a filter to be listed in the etc/metrics.yaml in order for it to run. If no match is found, it bails out.

      1. validateDrp.py should instead do "something reasonable". Likely this means picking 'r' with a clear message that it is doing so.
      2. validateDrp.py should successfully calculate all metrics that it can. Failing on one metric or with the ocnfiguration of same should not lead to crashing:

      [wmwv@lsst-dev01 tmp]$ validateDrp.py DATA/rerun/20161216
      CameraMapper WARN: Calibration root directory not found: DATA/rerun/20161216/CALIB
      CameraMapper WARN: Calibration root directory not found: DATA/rerun/20161216/CALIB
      1077 sources in ccd 16  visit 903986
      953 sources in ccd 24  visit 903988
      1174 sources in ccd 18  visit 903990
      1049 sources in ccd 23  visit 903986
      1140 sources in ccd 25  visit 903990
      932 sources in ccd 23  visit 903988
      916 sources in ccd 17  visit 903988
      778 sources in ccd 22  visit 903986
      683 sources in ccd 100  visit 903986
      938 sources in ccd 16  visit 903988
      Photometric scatter (median) - SNR > 100.0 : 6.9 mmag
      /nfs/home/wmwv/local/lsst/validate_drp/python/lsst/validate/drp/photerrmodel.py:74: RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in sqrt
        return np.sqrt(sigmaSq)
      Median value of the astrometric scatter - all magnitudes: 48.763 marcsec
      Astrometric scatter (median) - snr > 100.0 : 9.6 marcsec
      No stars found that are 199.0 arcmin--201.0 arcmin apart.
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/nfs/home/wmwv/local/lsst/validate_drp/bin/validateDrp.py", line 95, in <module>
          validate.run(args.repo, **kwargs)
        File "/nfs/home/wmwv/local/lsst/validate_drp/python/lsst/validate/drp/validate.py", line 104, in run
        File "/nfs/home/wmwv/local/lsst/validate_drp/python/lsst/validate/drp/validate.py", line 242, in runOneFilter
          job=job, linkedBlobs=linkedBlobs)
        File "/nfs/home/wmwv/local/lsst/validate_drp/python/lsst/validate/drp/calcsrd/pf1.py", line 72, in __init__
          PA2.get_spec(spec_name, filter_name=self.filter_name)
        File "/nfs/home/wmwv/local/lsst/validate_base/python/lsst/validate/base/metric.py", line 346, in get_spec
          name, filter_name, self.name))
      RuntimeError: No PA2 spec found for name=stretch filter_name=HSC-I

      The spirit of validate_drp is that it should just run on a data repo and produce reasonable input. An additional level is providing specific comparison against LSST SRD-level performance requirements or specific other performance levels.


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