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Refactor Coadd Tasks: Add Pipe Task that makes all Coadds for DRP


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      DRP S17-5, DRP S17-6, DRP F17-1
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      Data Release Production


      Artifact removal during co-addition requires working with both directWarps and psfMatchedWarps within a single task. Furthermore, makeCoaddTempExp.py creates both psfMatchedWarps and directWarps with one call to the command-line task to save computing time by avoiding warping twice, and assembleCoadd should have the same behavior and command-line configs.

      Currently, AssembleCoaddTask holds the "warpType" through the config parameter "doPsfMatch" in the config, which remains immutable for the lifetime of the task instance. This config controls whether directWarps or psfMatchedWarps are read from disk, anytime warps are needed. AssembleCoadd was only meant to make one warpType Coadd at a time. This is fine, but we need a supertask that can work with psfMatched, direct and likelihood Warps simultaneously.

      This ticket will implement a higher level task that uses the lower-level assembleCoadd as a subtask. Change and name will be RFC'ed.

      Must provide appropriate skeleton to enable both Safe-Clipped artifact removal and New artifact removal.


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