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Provide SLAC information on image cutout, reference IRSA existing practice


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      SLAC has delivered imageServ APIs to retrieve the image cutouts but they have questions about how to provide the cutouts for coadds (per Kenny Lo). They would like our team to provide how-to.

      Thanks to Tatiana who points out that IRSA has been using the cutouts algorithm in http://irsatest.ipac.caltech.edu//ibe/cutouts.html. Basically users provide the center coordinates and the size of the cutout. "The size parameter consists of one or two (comma separated) values followed by an optional units specification. Units can be pixels (px, pix, pixels) or angular (arcsec, arcmin, deg, rad); the default is degrees. The first size value is taken to be the full-width of the desired cutout along the first image axis (NAXIS1), and the second is taken to be the full-height along the second axis (NAXIS2). If only one size value is specified, it is used as both the full-width and full-height. Negative sizes are illegal."

      Should we suggest SLAC team to consider to adapt the same algorithm for LSST image cutouts, both single epoch and coadd? Need David C. and Gregory to consider this and approve it.

      Please see the full document in the link below.


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