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Add C++11 features to afw primitives


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      afw C++11
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      With the transition from Swig to pybind11, we are now able to freely use C++11 features. Many of these features allow for more flexible and safer code, particularly when applied to fundamental data types. Conversely, these types are often simple enough that modernizing them is relatively little work

      Except for DM-9935, which lets invalid operations be detected at compile time rather than link or run time, none of the changes in this ticket should change a class's existing behavior. DM-9936 and DM-9938 will allow affected classes to be used in more contexts but will not affect existing client code.

      The classes covered by this ticket are (based on assumed simplicity, and therefore subject to change):

      • afw::cameraGeom::CameraPoint
      • afw::cameraGeom::CameraSys
      • afw::cameraGeom::CameraSysPrefix
      • afw::cameraGeom::Orientation
      • afw::coord::Coord and its subclasses
      • afw::coord::Observatory
      • afw::coord::Weather
      • afw::detection::Threshold
      • afw::geom::Angle
      • afw::geom::AngleUnit
      • afw::geom::Box
      • afw::geom::CoordinateBase and its subclasses
      • afw::geom::CoordinateExpr
      • afw::geom::Span
      • afw::geom::SpherePoint
      • afw::geom::polygon::Polygon
      • afw::image::Calib
      • afw::image::Color
      • afw::image::DefectBase
      • afw::image::Filter
      • afw::image::FilterProperty
      • afw::math::FitResults
      • afw::math::Function and its subclasses
      • afw::math::MaskedVector
      • afw::math::Statistics
      • afw::table::BaseRecord and its subclasses
      • afw::table::ConstFunctorKey
      • afw::table::FieldBase and its subclasses
      • afw::table::InputFunctorKey and its subclasses
      • afw::table::KeyBase and its subclasses
      • afw::table::Match
      • afw::table::OutputFunctorKey and its subclasses
      • afw::table::ReferenceFunctorKey
      • afw::table::SchemaItem
      • afw::table::io::Persistable
      • afw::table::io::PersistableFacade


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