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Variant tasks should have a registry and an abstract base class


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      When there are different versions of a given task, I propose that we require those tasks to have an abstract base class that defines the interface.

      I further propose that the same file that defines the abstract base class also define a registry, and all implementations register themselves. This has several advantages:

      • Finding variant subtasks is easier
      • Switching between variant subtasks can be done from the command line (by comparison, retargeting requires a config override file)
      • Switching between variant subtasks is safer because they all have the same API
      • Config override files or users can configure more than one variant, again improving the ease and safety of using variants

      Details of the proposal:

      • Abstract base classes should use the `abc` package
      • A task should have an abstract base class if it has multiple implementations or is likely to have them. Otherwise I suggest not bothering, in order to avoid clutter.
      • Use `lsst.pex.config.RegistryField` for the registry. It is simple and easy to use. Note that `lsst.pipe.base.Task.makeSubtask` will need minor work to support this.

      Once this is implemented I anticipate essentially all retargeting of subtasks to be replaced by use of the registry.


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