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Cleanup and unify star selector call signatures


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      objectSizeStarSelector and secondMomentStarSelector (and their base class) currently take an exposure, from which they extract the detector (could be None) and the maskedImage (if making debugging plots). This suggests that what they really should take are two kwargs: detector and maskedImage, both defaulting to None.

      This would simplify testing, as one wouldn't have to have or construct a full Exposure object when it's not really necessary. It also would give us good reason to clean up the selectStars methods to not have all the plotting code wedged inside.

      One objection to this might be that secondMomentStarSelector calls algorithmsLib.makePsfCandidate which also takes an exposure. But PsfCandidate only uses getMaskedImage() and getXY0() (which it could get from the maskedImage).

      More broadly speaking: is the intention that the star selectors work on source catalogs, or on images?

      From cmorrison: After discussion with John Parejko we came up with the following class hierarchy for a new BaseSourceSelector. SourceSelectors that work on generic catalogs of objects (e.g. broader than just "stars") will inherit directly from the BaseSourceSelector class. BaseSourceSelector and its inherited classes must contain run() and selectSources() methods. The signature for selectSources will be a sourceCat, an optional maskedImage that could be None, and a field name sourceSelectedField that could be None. These methods will also take a matches variable for use in sourceSelectors that require matches (e.g. diaCatalogSourceSelector and catalogStarSelector). These sourceSelectors will raise and exception if matches is None. We will keep the usesMatches class variable and make it part of the base class. BaseStarSelector will inherit from BaseSouceSelector, with a config specific to selecting PSF-like objects.

      BaseSourceSelector ----------------------------> BaseStarSelector
      --> astrometrySourceSelector --> meas_modelfit/S13StarSelector
      --> matcherSourceSelector --> meas_extenstions/psfexStarSelector
      --> meas_astrom/catalogStarSelector --> meas_algorithms/flaggedStarSelector
      --> ip_diffim/diaCatalogSourceSelector --> meas_algorithms/secondMomentStarSelector

      Some of the sourceSelectors listed (e.g. catalog, S13) do not appear to be used in the stack and could be deleted as part of this RFC.


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