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Use pybind11 instead of swig to generate Python wrappers for C++ code



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      This RFC proposes to use pybind11, instead of swig, to generate Python wrappers for C++ code in the LSST stack.

      This was originally motivated by the desire to have more Pythonic interfaces for C++ code (see RFC-81).
      In addition the Swig wrapper code is generally perceived to be complex and thus difficult to understand, extend, debug and maintain.

      To investigate alternative wrapper solutions DM-5470 created an example codebase with some tricky details likely to be encountered in the stack.
      This codebase was wrapped with CFFI (DM-5677), Cython (DM-5471) and pybind11 (DM-5676) with the latter found to be best by far (see http://dmtn-014.lsst.io/en/latest/ for more information).

      It was decided, in RFC-182, to attempt a trial conversion of the LSST stack (up to afw) which was done in DM-6168.
      The current status as well as the pros and cons of a potential switch from swig to pybind11 were presented on community.

      The main arguments for pybind11 are:

      • wrappers are explicit, what you see is what you get (no magic);
      • wrappers are just C++11 with no intermediate language so developers only need to know C++ (and Python);
      • easier to support more Pythonic interfaces, for instance with attributes and keyword arguments;
      • natural integration of docstrings describing the interface (as exposed to Python) into the wrapper file itself (if desired);
      • pybind11 is small and header only, which makes it relatively easy to maintain, debug and extend if necessary (which would probably be considerably harder with swig).

      Arguments against are:

      • significant conversion effort;
      • wrappers are verbose and require maintenance when the C++ interfaces change;
      • pybind11 is a younger and smaller project (then swig) and the risk of abandonment by its maintainers is therefore probably higher.

      For further technical background please see the community discussion as well as DMTN-014.

      This RFC intends to build consensus for a decision ultimately to be made by the System Architect.


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