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remove old DB ingest capabilities prior to completion of new ones



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      We're approaching the end of the conversion to the new measurement framework, and the last feature that needs to be implemented is database ingest. We're already working on that, but we have other work that's being blocked by the fact that we can't remove the old measurement framework until it's done. So I'm proposing here that we go ahead and remove the old measurement framework (and its associated old ingest scripts) now, resulting in a brief period in which we wouldn't have any ingest scripts at all.

      My understanding is that currently no one is using the old ingest scripts, unless they're doing so through an older tagged release, which wouldn't be affected, but I'd like to have that confirmed here, especially by the Jacek Becla and Dominique Boutigny.

      If this RFC is approved, we'd then proceed immediately with removing the old measurement framework in meas_algorithms, and removing both ap and datarel from the stack entirely, as currently I don't believe they provide any functionality besides ingest. At this point, I'm just proposing we remove them from buildbot and that the repos will be migrated to wherever completely dead repos go; the discussion on where exactly that should be should happen elsewhere.


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