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prune published EUPS distrib tags


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      At present, there are over 600 published (eupspkg) distrib tags.


      This is becoming an issue as:

      • eups distrib install downloads all tag files sequentially, resulting in a linear slow down (starting from an empty cache) for each published tag
      • it is becoming difficult for an end user to wade through the webserver directory index to find tags of likely interest (i.e., the weeklies and official releases).
      • as all applicable distrib tags are applied to a locally installed product, infrequently updated products are accumulating a large amount of metadata. Eg.

      $ eups list cfitsio
         3360.lsst4   sims w_2017_4 b2748 b2060 w_2017_1 dax_latest b2065 w_2017_2 b2698 dax_2016_03 b2069 b2068 b2517 w_2017_7 dax_2016_02 b2591 w_2017_6 b2848 b2845 b2844 b2599 b2841 b2214 w_2016_05 b2855 b2211 v13_0_rc1 twinkles_2017_02_21 b2219 b2293 qserv-dev b1947 b2113 b1940 b1865 b1942 b2606 b2740 b1825 b1817 b2510 b2171 v13_0 b2172 b2664 sims_2_2_4b sims_2_2_4c b2661 b2660 b2662 b2858 b2541 b2856 b1894 b1893 b2853 v11_1_rc1 b2307 b2261 b1812 twinkles_2017_01_05 w_2017_3 w_2016_08 b2453 b2102 b2103 b1842 t_2016_34_2 b2108 b1843 b2614 b2162 b2003 b2002 b2007 b2671 b1888 b2869 qserv_2016_08 t_2016_34 b1880 b2861 b2866 b1887 b1802 b2271 dax_2016_08 b1809 dax_2016_05 b2777 sims_2_2_3 sims_2_2_2 dax_2016_01 sims_2_2_0 b2504 b2505 b2506 w_2016_06 qserv-test twinkles_stack w_2016_03 b2503 b2466 b1969 b2508 b2509 b1781 b1856 b2151 b2872 sims_2_2_4 b2404 b2159 fe_test_dax b2878 b2879 b2485 b2346 b2487 w_2015_47 dc1_170126 b2556 b2221 sims_2_2_1 b1899 b2632 b2084 b2249 b2323 b2247 b2088 current b2095 b1875 b2486 w_2016_12 b2765 w_2016_10 b1872 v12_1_2_rc1 b1791 b2780 b2474 b1971 w_2016_19 b2801 b2805 fe_test b2417 b2527 b2412 b2413 b2410 v12_1_2 b1980 sims_2_1_3 b2507 b1989 qserv_latest w_2017_11 w_2017_10 w_2017_13 w_2017_12 b2091 b2043 b2317 b1908 b2880 b2098 w_2016_20 w_2016_26 b1866 b1867 sims_2_3_4 b2114 sims_2_3_2 sims_2_3_3 sims_2_3_0 sims_2_3_1 b1900 b2569 w_2017_14 w_2017_9 b2296 b1828 b2817 b2446 t_2016_44_3 t_2016_44_2 b1990 b2115 b2670 w_2016_28 b1999 w_2017_8 firefly_test w_2016_38 w_2016_39 t_2016_44 t_2016_45 w_2016_34 w_2016_35 w_2016_36 w_2016_37 w_2016_32 b1852 ephemtest b2793 b2651 b2653 qserv_2016_03 qserv_2016_02 qserv_2016_01 b2352 b1916 qserv_2016_06 qserv_2016_05 qserv_2016_04 sims_2_1_2 b2244 b2728 b2729 b2285 b1918 b2122 b2289 b2288 b2531 v12_1 v12_0 noanaconda b2730 sims_2_3_4_1 dax_2016_06 twinkles dax_F16_2016_11_pre2 b1790 dax_F16_2016_11_pre1 dax_2015_11 b2760 b2280 b2202 dc1 b1922 b2295 b2332 twinkles_2017_02_08 b2030 w_2016_48 w_2016_15 b2625 b1849 b2036 b2238 w_2016_41 w_2016_40 fe_test4 w_2016_42 w_2016_45 w_2016_44 w_2016_47 w_2016_46 b2685 qserv v12_1_1 b1926 b2294 v12_1_rc1 b2524 b2576 b2478 b2058 b2756 b2768 w_2016_43 dax_2016_04 w_2017_5 fe_test_qserv sims_2_3_3_2 sims_2_3_3_3 sims_2_3_3_1 qserv_2015_11 w_2015_50 b1935 v12_0_rc1 b1854 sims_2_3_2_1 b2639 w_latest b2435 b2471 w_2016_49 sims_2_2_6 w_2016_52 w_2016_53 w_2016_50 w_2016_51 b1997

      I would like to remove all currently published bNNNN format tags and any obvious old "test" tags. In addition, I would like to adopt a policy that weekly release tags may be removed after 1 year. For the moment, that would essentially be all weekly tags prior to 2016.


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