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Install display_ginga dependencies and tqdm in shared stacks



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      I'd like to get a number of convenience packages installed (via conda) into our shared stacks:

      • ginga
      • ipywidgets
      • ipyevents
      • tqdm.

      I'm not proposing that any of our code depend on them, and they're sufficiently for users to install on their own systems that we don't need to package them with eups.

      The first three packages on the above list are dependencies of display_ginga, which provides a very convenient way to do image display directly within a remote notebook with no server setup or port forwarding. It's not yet polished enough that I'd recommend adding it to any of our metapackages, and once its dependencies are install it'll be very easy for users to just check out and set up from source.

      The last package, tqdm, is a very nice progress bar widget that works well in notebooks, interactive Python prompts, and the command-line, and I'd found it very useful for interactive debugging and analysis tasks that nevertheless contain steps that involve some waiting.


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