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Include initial Gen3 Butler and PipelineTask in lsst_distrib


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      The Gen3 middleware team is hoping to merge our development branch ("gen3-middleware") with master and include the new daf_butler package in lsst_distrib this Friday, making those components more accessible for ongoing integration work.

      This will include adding the new PipelineTask base class (née SuperTask) to pipe_base.  That new name was unanimously regarded as an improvement on the old one on #dm-naming-things in Slack, and after this RFC is accepted we'll all try to stick to the new nomenclature (that will be hardest for those of us who have been working with it longest, I'm sure).

      Neither the Gen3 Butler nor PipelineTask are ready to be used by DM developers at large yet, but enough of the team is now working on integrating these with existing code (rather than developing the new components themselves) that it makes sense to cease having a separate development branch.

      Beyond daf_butler and PipelineTask, the main changes that most developers will notice will be small, not-imported-by-default additions to obs_* packages and additional tests in ci_hsc to exercise Gen3 Butler functionality.


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