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Use schemas to define script configuration


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      The current ts_scriptqueue Script code validates configuration by parsing it as a dict and passing it as keyword arguments to the configure method. I wrote that before I knew about jsonschema. I propose overhauling this to use jsonschema as follows:

      • SAL scripts must override classmethod get_schema to return a jsonschema schema describing valid configuration.
      • BaseScript will validate configuration against that schema and, assuming it is OK, pass the resulting configuration as a types.SimpleNamespace instance (this is a standard Python class that offers struct-like attribute access to dicts) to the configure method.
      • BaseScripts's constructor will also validate the schema and raise an exception if the schema is invalid.

      A less invasive version of this proposal is to continue to pass the parsed and validated configuration as a keyword argument dict to the configure method. But I think SimpleNamespace is nicer, and this will make SAL scripts work the same way as configurable CSCs.

      If accepted I will convert all existing scripts on the develop branch of ts_standardscripts and ts_externalscripts. We don't have many yet, so this is a good time to make such a change.


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