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Adopt updated LDM-153: LSST Database Schema



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      I propose to adopt a new version of LDM-153, the LSST Database Baseline Schema, based on the github repo lsst/LDM-153 and the schema defined in lsst/cat repo yaml files. It is available at http://ldm-153.lsst.io.
      The previous version was a Word document from 2013, which I have converted to LaTeX and a proper github repository. The descriptive text and figures are largely unchanged, except for some updates to the discussion of how the document itself is generated (i.e. it no longer mentions Enterprise Architect). The contents of the table schemas are now automatically pulled from the cat package, and a small script in the LDM-153 repo is used to convert the yaml files (in a felis-compatible format) to latex tables. 
      Adopting this new system means that the cat package baselineSchema.yaml should be treated as authoritative, and should not be edited without also submitting an RFC to update LDM-153.  Since LDM-153 was last updated, the baseline schema SQL definition file has been occasionally modified without RFCs (mostly updating column names). I am proposing to essentially grandfather those changes into this RFC, but in the future we should ensure that baseline schema updates get the proper sign-off from the DMCCB. 
      There is additional work that needs to be done after adoption of the new LDM-153 baseline: the online schema browser will need to be updated to pull from yaml instead of sql, the provenance part of the schema likely needs a substantial update, and the figures in the document need to be re-evaluated. I'd like to get this initial update baselined first though, so we can start accepting schema updates in the new format.


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