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Convolution with bitwise_and multiplication for masked images


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      Triggered by DM-16544, this is a proposal for a

      • MaskedImagePixel multiplication operation (perhaps function, not operator) that performs bitwise_and in the mask plane
      • a convolution function that uses the bitwise_and multiplication and bitwise_or addition

      At the moment all (+,-,*,/) pixel operators perform bitwise_or as the mask operation. Actually we do not have any operations with bitwise_and. This causes the mask flags to spread into relatively large image areas during convolution, even if the convolution kernel has a small effective area (pixels where it is not zero) within its container. This variant of the convolution function would enable the caller to define which part of the convolution kernel is significant from the point of accumulating mask flags.

      Additional clarification 2019-10-28:

      At the moment image convolution, as far as I understand, is implemented to perform the calculations directly on generic (template) pixel types include/lsst/afw/math/ConvolveImage.h which include the MaskedImagePixel. I.e. the convolution steps of masked images are directly performed on a per pixel basis on the pixel, variance and mask planes, with their respective * (*=) and + (+=) operators. The mask plane operation is always bitwise_or.  While there is a if (kval !=0) filter in the convolution implementation to ignore zero kernel values, this would skip integer or float exact zeroes only, but in general e.g. ip_diffim AL basis kernels are nowhere exactly zeroes. Thus a convolved image (e.g. the psf matched image that then goes into the difference image) accumulates all the flags from a kernelsize x kernelsize area around each pixel.


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