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Update astropy to 3.2.3 from conda-forge


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      DM-22000 describes repeated failures to build obs_lsst due to a failure of the Astropy mechanism for automatically downloading the latest IERS-A table.

      Astropy 3.2.3 addresses this issue. It is not currently available on the Conda default channel, but it is in conda-forge.

      I propose incorporating this into the default scipipe_conda_env. This means updating

       astropy: 3.1.2-py37h7b6447c_0 --> 3.2.3-py37h516909a_0 conda-forge

      on Linux, and

      astropy: 3.1.2-py37h1de35cc_0 --> 3.2.3-py37h0b31af3_0 conda-forge

      on macOS.

      It also means adding conda-forge to the list of channels in the environment definition files. (Question for the Conda cognoscenti: should we add conda-forge to just the package files, or also to the bleed files?)

      I don't know when Astropy 3.2.3 might be available on default (second question for the cognoscenti: is there any way to tell?). Should that happen before this RFC is adopted, we will simply pick up the version from default and abandon the plan to use conda-forge.

      Since DM-22000 has tripped up several folks over the last couple of days, I have given this RFC an unusually short (~24 hour) duration. Please shout loudly if you know of a reason to delay further.


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