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Third-party Packages for MPI


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      The port of the HSC parallelization framework (RFC-68, DM-2983) depends on mpi4py, which in turn depends on an MPI implementation. To satisfy those dependencies, I propose the following:

      • Provide mpich2 3.1.4 (the latest stable release) as a eupspkg installable third-party package. The last approved version of is 1.05p4, but we haven't used it since we removed pex_harness. I will mark this package as approved for automatic six-month uprev.
      • Provide a dummy "mpi" package that contains only a dependency on mpich2 and an sconsUtils .cfg (and that only until the implementation of RFC-69 is completed, presumably). This can be overridden by users (via a manual eups declare and the manifest.remap mechanism) for systems where a different MPI library has already been installed.
      • Provide mpi4py 1.3.1 (latest stable version) as a eupspkg installable third-party package, depending only on the "mpi" package. This is an entirely new third-party package, and I will mark this package as approved for automatic six-month uprev.

      ctrl_pool and its dependencies will be included in lsst_distrib but not lsst_apps. Once a package containing drivers that utilize ctrl_pool it is created (to be called pipe_drivers), it will also only go in lsst_distrib, but since it will depend on nearly everything in lsst_apps (aside from obs_*), it will be useful as a direct install target itself for users who want to install it without installing the remainder of lsst_distrib.

      Please note the relatively short discussion time for this RFC; I expect it to be mostly noncontroversial and I'd like to get this done ASAP.


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