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Stack tagging / versioning convention


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      SQuaRE hipchat room and/or this ticket


      Version RFC


      The following naming scheme is applied to Science Pipeline Stack repos, currently defined as:

      • any repo explicitly pulled in by the lsst_distrib TLP
      • any repo belonging to LSST:DM Auxiliaries on Github
      • any repo belonging to LSST:DM Externals on Github

      Other TLPs for DM teams are welcome to use these conventions (or in the case of the official releases, may have these conventions applied) by appending their TLP to the suggested tag. Eg. r.Summer2015.qserv or r.Winter2015.firefly. Non-DM teams are welcome to adopt these conventions (eg r.Winter2015.sims). Teams that adopt these conventions can request that SQuaRE apply these tags if they so wish.

      Reserved namespaces for administrative releases: r

      Permanent (won't be deleted) git tags for end-of-cycle administrative releases reserve the r namespace for the cycle name. Eg.

      • r.Summer2015
      • r.Winter2016

      Note: PMCS/LDM-240 will be changed to refer to these release names in lieu of the current 5.0 6.0 etc numeric nonmenclature) for consistency and traceability.

      Reserved "namespaces" for engineering releases: w/m/d

      These namespaces will refer to:

      1. Impermanent (see below) git tags
      2. Impermanent (see below) distributions


      • Weeklies: w.YYYY.WW eg w.2015.37 is 37th week of 2015
      • Monthlies: m.YYYY.MM
      • Dailies: d.YYYY.MM.DD

      These will be published on the EUPS distrib server as w_2015_37 etc.

      These will NOT be EUPS product versions (the latest version of EUPS with Mario's fix to ignore them will be installed on lsst-dev). They will be pruned to reduce noise on a timescale consistent with their granularity - eg no more than six months of monthlies.

      Numeric (Public) Releases: v.N.n and N.n

      Right now there is a numeric release scheme; currently this a non-semantic representation mapping to cycle and number of release in cycle. For example: 11.0 is the first release of W16, 11.1 is the second release in that semester, etc.

      Without getting into the merits of numeric release versions or their convention, there are two git tags for numeric releases, bareword and prepended with a v. For releases aimed at external (non-DM) consumption, both will be applied: v.11.0 and v11.0.

      NOTE: In this RFC, the bare numeric tag (11.0) is the only one that is reflected as an EUPS product version. The rest are "invisible" to EUPS (though will be used for eups distrb install publication, as in weeklies). In the future, internal packages may go to different bareword numbering systems (e.g. semver or YYYY_MM).

      Candidate releases for Official Releases: *_rcN

      Candidate release conventions are tied into the SQuaRE's release preparation process and so may change arbitrarily, as they are evanescent and largly for internal consumption. They are tagged on a naming scheme

      {bare numeric version}_rc{candidate number} 

      • do not apply these tags without direction from SQuaRE.

      Other schemes

      Groups are free to make tags as useful to them, provided they don't stomp on the conventions above. Each product could adopt its own monotonically-increasing numeric bareword tagging scheme, but the


      space is reserved for the above - including



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